Sanne Meijer

Wow, following the Essence and Source was an awesome adventure! The tools and knowledge I received and the experiences I created for myself during the trainings has shown me how I can bridge the gap between the life I have and the life I want to live. I’ve learned to look at things in such a different way. At the same time I learned how to enjoy my life as it is right now and how to enjoy the journey to fullfilling my dreams. I also reconnected with my power and with lost passions and I feel so much more confident about myself. The trainings felt like a safe and loving environment and the people of Essence are so dedicated and people-centered. I followed other trainings from other organizations before, but they didn’t have a big impact on my life. Essence however, did. I still use a lot of tools I learned at the trainings and I look at myself a lot different than before.