Martinus Overing

When I was 30 and was in shit shape I did the Essence and Source trainings and started to live truly. Now 22 years later I still work with the tools they gave me almost everyday. The trainings are not problem solvers but eye openers and once my eyes where open I started using them and the training, called living, really started. During the years after I became more and more aware and woke up. Now I am creating my life myself instead of letting others decide for me how it should look. I am not there yet because in the life of the spirit we are always at the beginning but there is more bliss in everyday and I belief more and more in my unlimited potential.
I did lots of trainings after Essence and Source but they are the mother of all trainings. They are the ultimate present you can give to yourself so you can start living from your heart and out of love for yourself.