Source training


Recognizing your power and use it in every situation?

That’s what the Source training is all about! By our proven and unique training method you will look at yourself in a different way in five days.

Thanks to the training you will see that you are the protagonist of your own life and from this insight you will create the results you want, you will be able to make decisions out of power, develop the courage to show yourself and see how you can depend on your inner power. Curious how you can achieve this? Please continue reading.

About the training

The Source training lasts five days and during the training we work with a unique combination of experiential learning and intellectual learning. Experiential learning is learning by doing and experiencing. Through energetic and challenging processes you see how you deal with certain things and how you can do it in a different way. Since you see and experience this, the results are sustainable and long-lasting. After all, experiences are easier to remember than what you read in a book.  You also get simple, practical and effective tools, which will support you to implement what you learned and experienced. The experiences will be supported by intellectual learning, overviews and theories.  Because of the method we use you develop the mindset to create the life you want.

The Source training is the training after the Essence training. Where as the Essence training is mainly focused on the relationship between you and your environment, the Source training is all about the relationship with yourself. In the training you will see that you are the protagonist of your own life and what results this can generate. You will experience your own power and learn how to use this power in any moment you want. Because of this, you can use your full potential. The Source training is also a deepening of what you learned in the Essence training.

Subjects during the training:

  • Handling negative feedback.
  • Trust in you, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Going for yourself and your goals unconditionally and without force.
  • Self-confidence and assertiveness.
  • Where your energy comes from, what can block this energy and how you can tap into that energy in a better way.
  • Making choices and how you can see many more possibilities in it.
  • Learning how to deal with making mistakes.

The Source training is the best way to invest in yourself. People who completed the Source training have a confident attitude in life and create beautiful results from vigor and positive energy. They go for their goals and for what they want from the trust they have in their uniqueness and abilities. Other results that participants achieved thanks to the Source training: creativity in solving problems, openness in contact with others, leading people in an inspiring way, coming and staying into action, calmness and pleasure.

Before the training starts we will send you a questionnaire. Here you can indicate what you would like to work on in the training. Although the training is given in a group, it is an individual training. This means that it’s about you and what you would like to get out of it.

Practical information

Days and times

The Source training starts on Wednesday and ends on Sunday. The starting times are as follows:

  • Wednesday: 14.00h (entry from 13.00h)
  • Thursday: 14.00h
  • Friday: 12.00h
  • Saturday: 12.00h
  • Sunday: Between 10.00 and 12.00h

The end times are dependent on the size of the group.

After the training there will be two follow up evenings. The first evening is usually on the Wednesday after the training. The second evening’s date varies. To get the date, please contact us by sending an e-mail to or by calling telephone number 020-5062070 on office days between 12.00 and 18.00h. Both evenings start at 19.00h and end around 23.00h.


The Source training costs €1250,- including VAT.

A discount of €200,- is available if the Essence and Source training are booked as a package. The total package costs €1945,- including VAT.


Location of the training:
Essence Training
Jarmuiden 26C
1046 AD Amsterdam

Free parking is available.