Internalizing pogram: Self-loyalty

How to handle negative emotions (in stressful times)

This program has three meetings of 1.5 – 2 hours:

Meeting 1: Being loyal to yourself

  • Insight and knowledge into the conditional thought of emotions
  • The source of the negative emotions
  • Recognizing your negative emotional pitfalls
  • Believing in your emotions at all costs

Meeting 2: Emotions

  • Assess your emotional status
  • Making decisions based on your emotion assessment 
  • Decision making under pressured conditions
  • Holding on to worries and concerns at all costs

Meeting 3: Navigate life within the circumstances

  • Navigate your life from authenticity
  • When emotions get in the way, what are solutions?
  • Dealing with sensitivities and vulnerability

The costs are 150 euros incl. VAT per participant