Deepening program: Wise and qualitative parenthood

The purpose of this program is to empower and elevate your parental strength in particularly challenging parenting areas during challenging periods

The program has four meetings of 1.5-2 hours sessions and the following topics will be discussed:

Meeting 1 – Qualitative parenting  family foundations in parenting –  The secrets of success and failure. Especially during challenging periods.

  • Building a high quality couple-hood as a foundation for quality parenting, – including divorced and single parent families.
  • Create clarity for necessary agreements  as parents also in challenging times
  • Creating clarity for necessary agreements and allowed differences in parenting – especially during challenging-periods
  • And if the plan doesn’t work, then?

Meeting 2 – the roles of the children in the family life.

  • Why are we having trouble?
  • What is family leadership?
  • Limits, rules,  what are some of the children’s roles in the family constellation
  • Solutions for the fixations which are holding us back as parents
  • Family empowerment and enthusiastic partnership

Meeting 3 –  quality parenting applications  –  discipline, entertainment, money, study, relations between children

  • How –  how  -how-  how in the fields that are listed
  • Parent Interactions
  • Parent as coach

Meeting 4 –  Family building  –  especially during challenging periods

  • Family in pressured conditions –  principles for conversations and relating to each other
  • Building the common base and values for a coherent family
  • The celebration of life

Practical information

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