Essence Training


Increasing your happiness and success in a simple and powerful way?

That is what the Essence training is all about! By our proven and unique training method you will look at your life in a different way in five days.

Because of the training you will experience more excitement in the things you’re doing , create more clarity about what direction to take in life, make decisions easier and quicker, have improved relationships and more self-confidence. Curious how you can achieve this? Please continue reading.

About the training

The Essence training lasts five days and during the training we work with a unique combination of experiential learning and intellectual learning. Experiential learning is learning by doing and experiencing. Through energetic and challenging processes you see how you deal with certain things and how you can do it in a different way. Since you see and experience this, the results are sustainable and long-lasting. After all, experiences are easier to remember than what you read in a book. You also get simple, practical and effective tools, which will support you to implement what you learned and experienced. The experiences will be supported by intellectual learning, overviews and theories. Thanks to the method we use, you develop the mindset to create the life you want.

Subjects during the training:

  • Seeing more opportunities and solutions for the important areas in your life.
  • Handling conflict situations and unexpected events out of self-confidence and power.
  • Create clarity about what you want to achieve in life.
  • Going into any situation with a fresh, open and exciting attitude.
  • Being true to yourself, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Enjoying the here and now.

The Essence training is a valuable training with a high happiness on return investment: through the training you develop the mindset to increase your happiness and success, which will be sustainable and long-lasting. Research from an independent research agency: 91% of the research participants ascribed positive changes to the Essence training. Participants also achieved results in other areas such as relationships, leisure time and personal development. Click here to read a couple of stories of participants.

After finishing the training, we can offer you the MILE Runner program which is free of charge. It is a program that can support you with implementing what you learned in the training.

Practical information

The Essence training courses are mainly in Dutch, but are also occasionally given in English. Ask about the planning via our office.

Days and times

The Essence training starts on Wednesday and ends on Sunday. The times are as follows:

  • Wednesday: 12.00 – approx. 19.30h
  • Thursday: 12.00 – approx. 19.30h
  • Friday: 12.00 – approx. 21.00h
  • Saturday: 11.00 – approx. 22.30h
  • Sunday: 10.00 – approx. 21.00h

After the training there are two follow up evenings: the first evening is on the Wednesday after the training. The second evening will take place on the Monday after. One evening starts at 18:00h, and the other evening starts at 19.00 and they end around 23.00h. For all the Essence trainings dates of 2020, call our office at 020-5062070


The Essence training costs €895,- including VAT.

A discount of €200,- is available when the Essence and Source training are booked as a package. The total package costs €1945,- including VAT.

Food & beverages

You can take your own food and beverages with you. We have closets, refrigerators and microwaves where you can store and prepare your food.


Location of the training:
Essence Training
Jarmuiden 26C
1046 AD Amsterdam


Free parking is available.