Beyond Doubt Training


Living beyond fear and doubt?

That’s what the Beyond Doubt training is all about. Through our proven and unique training method you will learn in two days how to let go of your doubts and fears and how to gain access to your intuition.

Thanks to the training, you will be able to make choices without doubts, have clarity about what you want your future to look like, let go of doubts and fears and you will experience peace and harmony. Curious? Do read on.

About the training

The Beyond Doubt training lasts two days and during the training we work with a unique combination of experiential learning and intellectual learning. Experiential learning is learning by doing and experiencing. Through energetic and challenging processes you see how you deal with certain things and how you can do it in a different way.  Because you see and experience this the results are sustainable and long-lasting. After all, experiences are easier to remember than what you read in a book.  You also get simple, practical and effective tools, which will support you to implement what you’ve learned and experienced. The experiences will be supported by intellectual learning, overviews and theories. Because of the method we use, you develop the mindset to create the life you want.

The purpose of the Beyond Doubt training is to live beyond your doubts and fears. Hence, the training is the ultimate step to experience your true inner power. By letting go of fears, doubts and negative thoughts you will gain access to your intuition: the most powerful source of energy, creativity and decisiveness.

Subjects during the training:

  • Doubts, fears and negative thoughts.
  • Making choices from your intuition and beyond doubts, fears and negative thoughts.
  • Rewriting your future.
  • Being conscious of the here and now.
  • Trusting yourself.

People who completed the Beyond Doubt training create beautiful results out of the training: they trust themselves from their intuition and don’t let their fears and doubts lead them, they make choices more easily and quickly, they are clear on their future goals, they are well-balanced in their emotions, experience freedom in living the life they want, they are confident in personal and professional relationships and know to keep their inner harmony in every situation.

The Beyond Doubt training takes place twice a year. Although the training is given in a group, it is an individual training. This means that in the end it’s all about what you would like to get out of the training.

Practical information

Days and times

The Beyond Doubt training lasts two days, on Friday and Saturday. The times are as follows:

  • Friday: 10.00 – 22.00-24.00h
  • Saturday: 10.00 – approx. 21.00-22.00h

After the training there is a follow up evening. This evening starts at 19.00 and ends between 21.00 and 22.00h.


The Beyond Doubt training costs €1050,- including VAT.

A discount of €400,- is available if the Essence, Source training and Beyond Doubt training are booked as a package. The total package costs €2795,- including VAT.


Location of the training:
Essence Training
Jarmuiden 26C
1046 AD Amsterdam



Free parking is available.